Mainstream Cryptocurrency Price Volatility, Altcoin Outbreak

Mainstream Cryptocurrency Price Volatility, Altcoin Outbreak, BTC challenged the MA120 yesterday. After the fall, the MA120 was challenged again today. It is a high probability event to pass the pressure.

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The current market focus is from LTC, the market’s Shannon, the daily decline in the intraday trading or back to the 5th line led to the bottom of the funds, LTC trend has been in line with the pre-judgment, there will be 3 Yangxian within 4 days, After the Yin line is stepped back, the yang is overcast, LTC is still above the 5th line. I expect that the follow-up should continue to be the main shock. LTC has accumulated a lot of profitable disks after all. I don’t think it will be faster. Operation on the rallies to make a profit. On the disk, you have to look at other mainstream currencies such as EOS, ETH, XRP can be driven by some events, out of the independent market. ETH, EOS was in the change window yesterday, to get the big K line of the entity, received the LTC callback, EOS, ETH in the futures market was affected by the program, a small waterfall occurred, because the overall structure is still included in the shock, so a fall It ushered in the chasing of the chassis, and now it has recovered the lost ground. In the K-line chart, it has become the market for painting doors. If you are in the market, you will continue to be optimistic. The mid-line will hold the currency, and the short-term will be dominated by shocks. LTC recommends that the rallies be profitable in batches, because the volatility is relatively large, at least you have to step back on the 5th line and enter again. Other mainstream currencies rose. Not big, you can participate in the fall. In the recent increase list, there are quite a lot of small currencies that have risen a lot, such as PAI, which is up to 80% in 24 hours, or many of them are large enough. participate.