Litecoin Will Add Confidential Trading Features, More Centralization

Not long ago, the Litecoin suddenly rose sharply, and the first shot of the mainstream currency rose after the Spring Festival. This made everyone’s eyes pay attention to the founder of the Litecoin Li Qiwei.

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Li Qiwei was a software engineer at Google and an engineering director at Coinbase. He was also the “Charlie the Great” in the industry.

Today, we will review Li Qiwei’s legendary past and recent trends, and explore the secret of Lite’s “re-emergence”.

Charles Lee, Asian American, once a cryptocurrency trading platform – the younger brother of Bitcoin China CEO Li Qiyuan.

In 1999, Li Qiwei graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After graduation, Li Qiwei worked as a software engineer at two Internet companies, Kana Communications and Guidewire.

In September 2007, he left Guidewire, officially joined Google as a software engineer, and participated in the development of several star projects, such as: Play Games, YouTube Mobile and Chrome OS.

During this time, he also discovered the golden key to the success of his life legend – Bitcoin.

The extraordinary revelation of Bitcoin, the road to the altcoin

In April 2011, in a report on the “Silk Road”, Li Qiwei first learned about Bitcoin. After that, he read the white paper of Bitcoin completely and yearned for the spirit of freedom contained in Bitcoin.

To better understand Bitcoin, Li Qiwei bought Bitcoin from Mike Hearn, developer of Bitcoin Core client software, and began using computers to participate in Bitcoin mining.

For this genius coder, the miner is only likely to be his starting point in this emerging industry. This free-spirited geek wants to create a better cryptocurrency like the mysterious man Nakamoto.

At that time, there were already many altcoins in the cryptocurrency market, and Li Qiwei also decided to imitate the altcoin.

In September 2011, Li Qiwei led the team to clone the source code of the altcoin coin and created a new altcoin Fairbix. However, due to the immaturity of technology and publicity, this altcoin project was aborted early.