Hyperpay Launches “Cryptocurrency Lending” Feature, Mortgage Bank

Hyperpay Launches “Cryptocurrency Lending” Feature, Mortgage Bank, With the rise of the Cryptocurrency market, there are many Cryptocurrency mortgages on the market. Due to the unpredictable nature of the digital currency market, it is difficult for investors to judge the timing of the transaction.

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The mortgage loan is aimed at those who worry about the market and hopes to have Digital money holders with certain liquidity provide loans to them, which reflects the market’s confidence in the mainstream currency. If it is a zero-loss loss, no one is happy. The vitality of digital currency or the infinite possibilities of application scenarios have given life to the development of digital currency mortgage business, and have a forward-looking significance for the ecology of digital currency.

Through in-depth research and research and development, the HyperPay R&D team launched the digital currency mortgage loan section in March to open the chain wallet of the HyperPay wallet. It can be seen that the new “digital currency” loan consists of two major modules: mortgage loan and lending and wealth management. The user can initiate a loan application for USDT by selecting the five major currencies (BTC/ETH/EOS/QTUM/HC) of the position based on the borrowing demand. The lender can clearly see the claims that are being matched by the system.

Tens of millions of digital currency investors around the world are hoping to obtain high returns, but the long-term fluctuations or even losses in the currency value make the risk premium unpredictable and rapid growth. These digital currency investors lack money at hand, do not want to sell coins, and the process of personal loans. Both complicated and unsafe. The shadow of the vicious incidents of P2P platform running, fraud, and suspension of operations has not yet dissipated. In such a storm, HyperPay, which can propose a benign solution, has been recognized and praised by the industry.

In the past, the fund pool model will encounter the risk of a run. Unlike the traditional model, the HyperPay intelligent system truly supports the borrower and the lender to match each other to achieve a match between real users. In order to reduce the risk caused by the borrower’s non-payment, and to guarantee the mortgagor’s income, HyperPay introduces a double reminder of early warning and forced liquidation. When the mortgage amount reaches the warning line, the intelligent system will remind the borrower to make up the position. When the digital currency price reaches the forced liquidation line, the intelligent system will automatically close the position. The USDT obtained by the closing will be used to return the principal and interest of the lender, and the remaining will be refunded. To the borrower.

On the HyperPay platform, the lender no longer needs to understand the complicated operation process of other digital currency investment platforms, so that it can easily lend the idle digital assets and obtain the stable interest income of the borrower. According to the current automatic lending mode, the system intelligently lends funds. The lender can obtain a stable income of about 11.4% per annum, and HyperPay provides users with a controlled and stable financial protection fee that will charge 20% of the service fee.