Bithao Used For Payments Becomes Popular Or Threatens Bitcoin

In the case of the general price collapse of CryptoCurrency, a new type of CryptoCurrency that can replace Altcoin (CryptoCurrency other than Bitcoin) was born and attracted attention.

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CQ World, a Korean company specializing in the development of the blockchain system, announced the blockchain Currency “BitHAO” that can be used for actual payment at the Park Hyatt Sansei Hotel in Seoul on November 20.

BitHAO can be used in real economic activities.

CQ has established a direct connection with all banks in Korea through a virtual account. After the user binds the bank card to the CQApp, the digital Currency BitHao issued by CQ can be purchased in Korean currency.

BitHao also issued its own bank card, which can store Korean won and digital Currency. The bank card has a VISA interface for offline payment.

Use X11’s payment settlement technology to be compatible with a variety of certification media and authentication technologies, and to provide a variety of Fintech services; in order to provide users with transaction convenience (shopping / purchasing), exchangeability (life finance), asset management services Implement payment and settlement service linkage; provide BitHAO settlement services for different classes.

South Korea’s CQ World said, “Consumers can use debit cards to shop at 43 million franchise stores in Korea and overseas, exactly the same as regular credit card payments.”

President Lu Zhilong said, “By allowing users to use the blockchain Currency to recharge and issue debit cards, we have solved the problem of non-interaction between CryptoCurrency and the real economy to a certain extent.” “Our goal is Let consumers, small businesses, and self-employed people enjoy the benefits of the blockchain sharing economy.”