Bitcoin Under Inflation: Money Release Mean A Round Of Inflation

Bitcoin has too many advantages as a currency, and every point is worth talking about. Including its anti-censorship, anonymity, unrestricted freedom, hidden and easy to store and carry, etc., it is worth to talk about its absolute superiority to the traditional currency.

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What I want to introduce in this article is the financial property of Bitcoin, which is the most intuitive and practical property that everyone can feel.

First, ask a question: Do you know why you hold Bitcoin? Maybe you won’t ask this question in the bull market, because the rising price of the currency drowns up all your doubts and troubles, and only the fanaticism. But in the cold winter, is it necessary to seriously think about it, why do we hold Bitcoin? Because if you don’t think about it, it’s hard to really get Bitcoin.

We must know that historical experience shows that what really makes people leave the market is not the constant decline and sideways, but the time when “staying in the clouds and seeing the moon”, that is, Bitcoin is finally plunging and sideways. When I returned to the cost line of many people, the people who left the scene were the most.

So if you don’t know why you have Bitcoin, it’s hard to really hold Bitcoin.

And this time I will say that we must firmly hold one of Bitcoin’s attributes, financial attributes. In the big vernacular, one of the reasons we hold bitcoin is that bitcoin can help us resist rising inflation and unavoidable currency depreciation.

For example, we are going to experience the next big easing cycle in the world.

At present, the world currency is facing the expectation of releasing water, and this time the water release may not last for a short time.